Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas Wishes

Just a quick message to wish everyone who's been kind enough to follow my ramblings this year, a very happy Christmas and a specially good New Year. To those who write - I wish you all the success you dream of. It's a difficult time for writers, but we must accept that it's a difficult time for just about everyone, and just hope things will improve soon.

I've surprised myself, in the run-up to Christmas this year, by finding the time to start the New Novel, which I hadn't expected to do until New Year; so I've now got a nice buzzy feeling of anticipation about getting back to it after Christmas, instead of that dreaded 'blank screen anxiety'!

But wherever you are with your writing - whether you're plotting something, revising something, mid-story or mid-novel or just trying to come up with some ideas - give yourself a break over Christmas. Most of us surely need to, especially if we're hosting Christmas, cooking for families etc - but I never fail to be amazed (and not sure whether to be impressed or just slightly puzzled!) by those writers who say they can't bear NOT to do their thousand words, or their next chapter, or whatever - even on Christmas Day. OK, so most of us are a bit fanatical about our writing but surely we can 'let go' once in a while! Don't you think so? Apart from anything else, I'm sure my husband and family would object, and think I'd completely lost the plot, if I took myself off to do some writing in the middle of the festivities - and they'd be quite right!

So let's all give ourselves a well-earned break - and enjoy it. Have a lovely time everyone.


  1. Have a lovely Christmas, and good luck with the new novel :o)

    (I'll probably do a bit of writing in bed in the mornings, before my mum gets up - she's staying with us for the week!)

  2. Happy Christmas - Yes you are right, it does us good to have a break and recharge our batteries.

    It's great you are so fired up with the new book xx

  3. Happy Christmas, Olivia - have a wonderful time, and good luck with the new book.

    (And the great thing about being a lark who lives with owls is that I can get my words done before they're awake, and that means they get a relatively sane me over the holidays...)

  4. Thank you all, and I hope you all have a lovely time, whatever you do ... writing in bed sounds lovely actually Karen! And I suppose that's my problem Kate ... I'm definitely not a lark! xx