Saturday, 11 February 2012

Good news!

It's so nice to have good news to report for a change! What with the awful weather, an awful sinus infection I've been fighting since Christmas, and nothing but rejections lately on the short story front, I didn't really have anything positive to say ... until now! So I'll waste no more time in telling you - I've got a new agent!

I've been 'around' in the writing business (and had enough disappointments, trust me!) to know this doesn't necessarily mean a cause for huge celebration ... having an agent doesn't necessarily spell success or even publication. My last brief experience with an agent was frankly, a disaster. But what it does mean is that someone, a professional, who knows the business, likes my new book enough to feel they can give it a chance.

As I've hinted on this blog already, the new book is a complete departure from my previous work - a different genre, because although I've had some success, the market for 'Rom Com', 'Chick Lit', Contemporary Women's Fiction, whatever you want to call it, has become so much more difficult that I realised I needed to make a change. Although I was pleased with the new book, I had no idea whether anyone was going to like it - so if nothing else, my lovely new agent has given my confidence a boost and convinced me it's worth a shot!

I'll say no more just yet - I've only just signed the letter of appointment. But I'll keep you informed!