Monday, 9 January 2012

In the news

I'm expecting to be in a nice feature in the Essex Chronicle newspaper this week - together with Elizabeth Lord from We're both Essex authors and members of the Essex group of the Romantic Novelists' Association. I contacted the paper a week or so back, as part of my promotion for 'Sophie Being Single', my new Kindle e-book. Local papers can be a great source of support (so can local radio) - and the Chronicle have been very good, giving me a mention every time I've had anything new to report on my writing career, right back to when my first book was published in 2003. I told them about the Kindle book, and offered to tell them more or even write a bit myself for the paper, explaining about why writers (especially those of us who are previously published) are making the decision to self-publish e-books. Instead, they called me to say they'd decided to produce a double-page spread about the subject, interviewing me and hoping I could suggest other Essex writers who would fit the bill.
Luckily Elizabeth Lord did fit the bill - but my other friends from the Essex RNA happen to live in the wrong area of Essex for the paper! What a shame. So I'll be interested to see whether the paper has managed to produce any other suitable Essex authors themselves, to be interviewed, or whether it's just going to be the two of us! (In which case I doubt whether it'll run to a double page spread!)
So this morning I had a date with their photographer, which is always a bit of fun - posing with my Kindle and a pile of books. Hope I don't look too ancient in the pic they choose ... but as they always like to quote people's ages in articles like this, I suppose it won't make any difference!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ode to my Kindle (with apologies to Frances Garrood!)

Blogging mate Frances, over at
really made me laugh the other day with her 'Ode to my new Kindle'. Like many of us, she confesses that she didn't think she'd like one until she got one. I admired Frances' ode and she challenged me to write one myself, so here goes - hope it makes someone else laugh!
I Love Him
Slim, smooth good looks!
He carries my books
on buses and trains
and even on planes.
He doesn't run out
when I need him about.
He's lovely to hold
and easily controlled.
Oh, if I were single
I'd marry my Kindle!
OK, it's not the best piece of writing I've ever done, and not likely to get me a new publishing deal! (although I think maybe Amazon should pay me for advertising!). Anyone else want to try an ode? It doesn't have to be to a Kindle ... maybe your laptop or favourite pen or whatever. Right, that took my mind off the Taxman for a minute ... now to try once again to sort out the muddle of my tax statement. Grrrr ....
Happy New Year!