Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ode to my Kindle (with apologies to Frances Garrood!)

Blogging mate Frances, over at
really made me laugh the other day with her 'Ode to my new Kindle'. Like many of us, she confesses that she didn't think she'd like one until she got one. I admired Frances' ode and she challenged me to write one myself, so here goes - hope it makes someone else laugh!
I Love Him
Slim, smooth good looks!
He carries my books
on buses and trains
and even on planes.
He doesn't run out
when I need him about.
He's lovely to hold
and easily controlled.
Oh, if I were single
I'd marry my Kindle!
OK, it's not the best piece of writing I've ever done, and not likely to get me a new publishing deal! (although I think maybe Amazon should pay me for advertising!). Anyone else want to try an ode? It doesn't have to be to a Kindle ... maybe your laptop or favourite pen or whatever. Right, that took my mind off the Taxman for a minute ... now to try once again to sort out the muddle of my tax statement. Grrrr ....
Happy New Year!


  1. Olivia, I love it! Hey - you and I should go into business! (what business? I hear you ask. I've no idea. But there must be something...)

  2. Ha ha - thanks, Frances! Yes, maybe we should set up some sort of PR company to promote Kindles! (Not that they need it ... )

  3. Okay, I'll have a go!

    Thin and cold,
    Left unsold,
    On a shelf
    All by yourself.
    I'm a book,
    Come take a look.
    Cheap at the price
    For something nice.
    I'll light your fire
    With such desire.
    When I'm ninety two
    I'll turn into you.
    I fear you're a swindle,
    Call yourself Kindle?

    As you can see, I'm not yet converted.

  4. Very clever, Maggie May! But there is room - literally - for both. My bedside is piled high with real books, and will continue to be.

  5. Happy New Year, Olivia.

    I'm not a kindle convert either.

  6. Hi Maggie May - I enjoyed your ode too! Like Frances, I'm obviously a champion of books too (why wouldn't I be? I'm an author who has eight books published as hardbacks/paperbacks/foreign editions!!) And I'm a reader who still reads books as well as e-books. But I still maintain that until you've tried something, you can't say whether you'd like it or not, and the Kindle can carry all my holiday reading for me with far more ease than my suitcase can!

  7. Thanks, Patsy! And ... see the comments above! I don't think it's necessary to be a convert. I have both electricity and gas in my house and find them both useful. Gas can do some things better than electricity (I think) - but I wouldn't want to try to run my computer on it! It's the same with books and e-books.

  8. I totally agree that there is room for everything and we shouldn't shun something just because it's new. That's how we become old and blinkered. Maybe if someone gave me one, I would be delighted - anyone listening?

  9. Well I think we're all agreed then - there's room in our lives for books AND Kindles! I know, it's just a shame you have to buy the Kindle to start off with, Maggie! Too late to ask Father Christmas?