Friday, 11 December 2009

Have I got another problem?

OK, don't answer that - I know I've got problems, haven't we all!

But this time it seems my blog is causing grief - Colette over at has just kindly let me know that she can't seem to post comments on this blog recently.

So this is a trial. If anyone would kindly like to try to post something (just 'Yes!' will do!) on this one... I'll guess I'll know the answer if I seem to get ignored, won't I!

Thanks for your help. I suppose I'll have to find a kind (or otherwise) helpful Help person on the Blogger Help, if it's not working - unless anyone more knowledgeable has any ideas! x


  1. Sorry, previous post looks very curt - hadn't expected it to work, but I'm glad all seems okay now.


  2. Hello there! Just to let you know I can post on your blog.... So you must be working okay

  3. Yay! Thank you both. That's a relief. x

  4. I don't think I've had any problems posting on your blog either, Olivia
    Julie xx

  5. I enjoy your blog, haven't posted before but happy to give it a go. I'm not terribly computer savvy either. Luckily I have a 15 year old. He seems to know what to do by osmosis or something. The sad thing is, I can remember showing my parents how to work the video recorder - again and again - when I was about 15 too!

  6. Thanks, Julie. And thanks, Sky Blue - welcome to the blog! Can you lend me your 15 year old from time to time?? To be fair, I have three sons-in-law who are very helpful, but it seems that every time they visit with the daughters, almost my first words to them are 'Can you just have a quick look at the computer?' They must dread coming to see us!

  7. It's not just your blog - I've had problems posting comments on other blogs (but not this one). I think sometimes we're just unlucky and get a glitch. It seems to right itself eventually.

    I bet your sons in law don't mind helping with the computer. My husband's face positively lights up at the prospect of fixing a computer problem and if he can take it all to pieces and replace bits he's even happier x

  8. Thanks Teresa. Good to know that things do right themselves, sometimes! And yes, my sons-in-law (bless them) do say they are happy to be asked for help, but I do still feel a bit guilty! Your husband sounds so clever! Can I borrow him as well as Sky Blue's 15-year-old??