Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year

So: Happy New Year to everyone - yes, I know it's already three days old but I'm very behind with everything and trying not to mind! I've been a Bad Blogger, haven't been keeping up with anyone's blogs - sorry, all my favourite bloggers! - normal service will resume, probably, hopefully, any time now! No excuses - I haven't been any busier than anyone else at this time of year - I've hosted some dinners, been out for some, had some fun, had too much to eat and drink, had lots of lovely presents, had a filthy cold and a couple of anxieties .... and that was Christmas, over again already. Unlike some people, I'm never in a hurry to take down the tree and the decorations and 'get back to normal'. Perhaps that stems from the fact that I don't like starting Christmas shopping and preparations too early, so I'm not fed up with it when it does arrive and I do like it to last the full traditional twelve days. Wednesday will be Twelfth Night and that's when we'll take everything down, hoover up the bits of tinsel, the pine needles and the inevitable mince pie and Christmas cake crumbs that seem to have got into the corners - and (sigh) start Being Good again.

Being Good means different things to different people, doesn't it. I've learnt, over the years, not to make outlandish promises to myself for New Year resolutions - they're just begging to be broken before the end of January. But like most of us, I've totally let go of any personal fitness I had before Christmas (not a lot, believe me!) - and although I won't be going on a diet, I will certainly be cutting back on the wine, beer, chocolates, biscuits, cakes, wine, beer, puddings, pies, sweets, wine, beer, crisps, nuts ... all those nice things .... at least until I feel a bit less bloated and can do my jeans up comfortably again!

Today was the first day I actually sat down at the computer and did some Proper Writing - another chapter of the new novel. But I had a nice surprise a couple of days ago - a phone call from a magazine editor who was apparently working from home on her pile of submissions and called me to accept a story I'd submitted back in July. So that was a good way to round of the Old Year. Now, not being greedy, but I'd really appreciate something equally nice to start off the new one ... otherwise I might have to consider some other means of supplementing the pension, perhaps making and marketing my own soup (as one kind friend suggested on tasting my home-made Parsnip, Leek & Ginger yesterday!). There could be worse ways of making a few bucks I suppose!

As usual I've rambled longer than I intended. This post was supposed to be, purely & simply, to wish everyone 'out there' a happy, healthy and successful 2010. Don't forget to let me know how your year goes!


  1. And a happy New Year to you to, Olivia! Congratulations on the story but my word they took a long time accepting it! 5 months! I'd have forgotten all about it by then.

    May there be many more acceptances to come in 2010!

    Julie xx

  2. Happy new year, and hope the lurgy has vanished quickly!

  3. Thanks, Julie! Well, I'm still waiting for a decision on another story since last May (I've already done the polite-chase-up thing and yes, it's still under consideration!), and another one since June - different mags. So unfortunately it's not that unusual! Better than immediate No Thanks, I suppose!

    Thanks Kate - and yes, I'm feeling heaps better, but the cold went right round the family, ending up with Himself, who is very rarely ill, and thinks he's got it much worse than anyone else! (hmm, I think not!).

  4. Happy New Year, Olivia.
    That's my fantasy, somebody ringing me up to say they're the editor of a magazine, they've just reached my story in the pile and can they please buy it?

  5. Thanks, Kath. Fantasies do come true, you know! It was mine, too, and came true for the first time about fifteen years ago. But you never stop feeling the thrill ... and never take it for granted, either. I hope your own fantasy comes true this year. x

  6. Happy New Year everyone! Congrats on the sale, Olivia. I had one of those nice emails New Year's Eve and it didn't matter what happened after that, it was a wonderful evening!Kath - it WILL happen for you and Olivia is absolutely right: the thrill never diminishes or at least it never has for me. Phone calls and emails like that are lights in the gloom that sometimes shrouds us. Perhaps 2010 will be your year, Kath. Fingers crossed!
    Re: getting an income generating job -here's a weird thing. After 6 recession panicked months of no sales I applied for and got a new casual job earlier this year. I actually love this job, but as soon as I started it, the story sales started coming in again. I bet if you get a job, Olivia, you'll get a new 3 book deal in no time!!
    I'm now blogging here, if you fancy following my ramblings: Good to see you as I'm scared I'm going to be talking to myself!

  7. Nobody wanted the tree taking down yesterday, but it had to be done! The mention of all that food has made me feel hungry, by the way. I need to cut back too - it's mad how much we eat over Christmas!

    I've managed to write a whole chapter this morning - most unusual, but I'm making the most of being snowed in :o)

    Here's to a happy and productive 2010 :o)

  8. Hi Lydia, thanks for your comments! You're so right about the snippets of good news lighting up the gloom - that's one of the reasons we keep on writing! Well done with your new job. I know what you mean: when I was working full-time at a busy job, and writing in my spare time, I was just as successful as I am now that I write full time. For a while after I retired, I considered getting another part-time job - but now I've got my pension, I am so settled into my new life, I have absolutely no ambition to go back out to work, unless I'm forced to, financially. I hope not! But I still believe I WILL get a new book deal ... it's just around the corner ... I keep telling myself that!

    And hi, Karen! I know: I hate taking down the Christmas tree and decorations, too. Our tree is outside in the recycling bin and it makes me feel sad every time I look at it! Yes - being snowed in gives us no excuse for not working at the writing! Time to get on ...!