Sunday, 18 November 2012

Letter from a Dead Man

I know I haven't been a very active blogger in recent months, to put it mildly - family issues have somewhat taken over, and what spare time I've had, has had to be devoted to writing, and publishing my new books as you might have read on my last post!

But enough of the excuses! One thing I always try to make time for, even if it's only in the last little while before I fall asleep, is reading - and I've just finished a book that I really want to share with you. It's by one of my oldest writing friends, Dawn Harris - and as always I need to stress that I mean oldest in terms of acquaintance, not age! Dawn and I met back in the early 1990s when we were both winners of short story awards, and we've kept in touch ever since. She's been the most amazing support to me throughout the ups and inevitable downs of my writing career, so I'm absolutely thrilled that she now has a book published too. 

It's called 'Letter From a Dead Man', and is currently available on Amazon for Kindle, but is due to be released in paperback too. At £1.93, the Kindle edition is a bargain, and I can really recommend it.

The story is set on the Isle of Wight - one of my favourite places! - in 1793 - against a backdrop of the French revolution, the threat of invasion, and a culture of smuggling on the Island. From the beginning, I was captivated by the character of the heroine, Lady Drusilla, who for a wealthy lady of the time is quite a feminist! The plot is murder - and the sleuth-like work of Drusilla who sets out to uncover the truth - but there is humour too, in the interaction between the characters.  The best test of any kind of crime novel must be whether it's obvious 'whodunnit' - and in this story, I honestly had no idea. Well, I thought I did! And then I changed my mind ... again ... and again ... right up to the very satisfying surprise ending.

A very enjoyable read, and I'm now hoping to read more by Dawn before too long.

Click here for the link to the Amazon page for 'Letter From a Dead Man', and take a look for yourselves!

And I haven't forgotten ... as promised, my next post here will be about my experiences with self-publishing for Kindle and CreateSpace.

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