Friday, 9 November 2012

I've been busy!

 I mentioned a few days ago on 'The Next Big Thing' that my new book 'Debra Being Divorced' was due to be published very soon on Amazon for Kindle.  And in fact, things have moved faster than I expected!  The Kindle edition of the new book is now ready for you to download for only £1.24 at this page on

Debra has the perfect life: a perfect marriage, a beautiful house and three perfect children. Or so it seems to the outside world – and so Debra’s always convinced herself. To admit to less than perfection would be to deny everything she believes in, everything she’s devoted her life to and worked so hard to achieve. Divorce? It’s unthinkable – barely even in her vocabulary. So when everything comes crashing down, it hits her harder than most. Can she survive, when her life is changed beyond recognition, or will she fall apart? Maybe she’ll give in to the temptation to go completely off the rails, cavorting with gorgeous younger men and shocking herself as well as everyone around her? Or maybe she’ll discover that by losing everything, she can finally find herself – and find out what really matters.

 This is the second book in the series about the Jennings sisters, and I know some of you have already read Debra’s sister Sophie’s story in 'Sophie Being Single'. But several people have told me they were disappointed that this was only available as a Kindle edition and not a paperback.
So my other piece of news this week is that 'Sophie Being Single' IS now also available in paperback format - yes, I always listen to my readers!  You can buy it now, from this link on Amazon.
Maybe you could ask for a copy for Christmas ...  or buy a few copies yourself as presents for your friends and family!
Eventually I hope to publish 'Debra Being Divorced' in paperback too.  This has been a learning curve for me, as I've self-published through Amazon's CreateSpace platform - and as requested, I shall be sharing the whole experience with you on a new blog post very soon. 
Meanwhile - as always - please do let me have your feedback on these new editions!


  1. Congratulations, Olivia. Welcome back to Blogland.

  2. Thanks Keith. Good to be back, hope to have the time to continue ....!