Friday, 24 June 2011

E-books, a newsletter, and a competition

Hello! I'm back from Blogger no-man's-land, and problems seem to have been resolved - fingers crossed!

Lots to tell you. No, not about the new book yet (fingers still crossed) - but I've been busy with other things. I've now published all FIVE of my Sheila Norton books on Amazon as Kindle e-books, having spent several quite enjoyable weeks (if I may say so myself!) re-reading them all and adding in the copy-editing. And then a bit of fun doing the 'cover' images. And to celebrate finishing the process, I've put them all on a 'sale' price - a real bargain at £2.29 each! So if you haven't yet had a look, please feel free to pop over to and have a browse. And if you have already bought one (thank you so much!) you now have a chance to get another one while they're at such a reduced price!

OK, sorry - sales pitch over! As another little celebration, I've also decided to run another competition. I held one some time ago, to win a signed copy of 'Tales from a Honeymoon Hotel' - which proved to be very popular. This time, the winner gets a choice of several books. It's very easy to enter, and you don't need to buy anything - details can be found on my website at, and the answer you'll need is to be found somewhere on the website too. To make it even easier, you stay on the website to enter the competition: just send your entry on the 'Contact me' page.
Good luck to everyone who enters! It closes at midnight on 31 July so don't hang around! Sorry to say this is limited to UK residents though.

By the way, all this information about the e-books and the competition, and more besides, is on an e-mail newsletter which will be going out during the next few days. If you received the last 'Olivia' newsletter you should automatically get this one (tell me if you don't!) but if anyone else wants to sign up for it, please let me know! It's not a regular thing (or I'd never get any writing done at all!) - but there will be further mailings from time to time.

Short story news? Well I had one published in 'The People's Friend' in the first week of June, and a further one accepted last week. But I'm still waiting to hear about all the others - I think everyone's in the same boat at the moment: news seems to be filtering through very slowly. It's a tough time for short story writers - sadly, magazine readers seem to be turning away from fiction in favour of celebrity news etc. Let's hope the tide turns again before too long!

And I hope everyone else is having some success with their writing ... I'm off to catch up with some of your blogs now while Blogger is allowing me in!


  1. Good to see you back again. Glad to know things are going well with your ebooks. What wonderful about PF I look forward to reading your stories.

    Just to let you know Elizabeth Lord now has a blog.

  2. Thanks Jarmara. It's good to be back, although I must say that when I tried to comment on blogs yesterday, my whole system froze and I had to re-boot, so there's still something weird going on!

    Thanks too for letting me know about Elizabeth Lord's blog. I'll attempt to visit and see what happens!

  3. Yes, the short story market does feel slow at the moment. I hope you're right about the tide turning in our favour!

  4. Me too, Helen! I think things go full circle eventually ... but the problem for us is, how long will it take?!

  5. Hello! It's me! I am blogging - a beginner at this so please forgive mess-ups.
    Thank you so much for joining me. Great to hear from you and have you on board.

  6. Hello and welcome, Elizabeth - good to see you here and there aren't any mess-ups to forgive! (I still seem to make plenty myself, though!). I enjoyed your blog and will attempt to follow it often, whether Blogger allows me to comment or not!