Thursday, 17 June 2010

BBC Radio Essex interview

At quite short notice, I was interviewed on BBC Radio Essex yesterday afternoon. We'd originally applied to be interviewed as a panel, about our 'Essex Writers' Panel' library events - but because of the short notice I was the only one available, and in fact when it came to it, I was asked to just talk about my writing in general. Fortunately I did manage to get in a quick plug about the panel, though!

It's about six or seven years since I was last interviewed on BBC Essex. That was my first experience of live radio and I was terrified! I remember telling someone afterwards that it was worse than going to the dentist. But (whether it's a good thing or not!), yesterday I found it a really enjoyable, and even relaxing, experience. Maybe it's because of all the talks I've been giving ... but maybe it's something to do with age, too ... I sometimes think that the older we get, the less we worry about making mistakes, making a fool of ourselves or what other people might think of us. Life's too short!

Anyway, here's the BBC I-Player link if you've got time to listen:
It seems quite long because, of course, the time I was 'on' (less than an hour) was broken up with music, and also with chats with the other guest - an energy-saving expert!
I particularly like the fact that they played 'Paperback Writer' by the Beatles as a kind of introduction to my interview!

Local radio, like the local papers, is another great way for authors to reach out to their local community and get our names into people's consciousness. OK, I don't for a minute think the listeners are going to rush out and buy all my books - but they might remember the name if they see my books in libraries, for instance. It all helps. So I'm really grateful for the opportunity and would certainly do it again!


  1. That must have been nerve racking. Well done though.

  2. Surprisingly it wasn't nerve-racking at all, Colette. I think I must have taken a chill-pill without even knowing it! It just felt like having a chat. Somehow managed to forget anyone might be listening on the radio! x

  3. Hi Olivia, just listen to playback... You were wonderful and gave out some great advice too.

    I'm so glad we have playback otherwise, I would have missed it. Please let us know when any of the writer's panel are out and about was we can keep up-to-date with you all.

  4. Thanks, Jarmara - and thank you too for listening!
    Yes, sorry about the lack of advance notice - as I said, it was short notice for me, too, and I spent all the intervening time trying to contact the rest of the panel - only to find that three of them are away on holiday! -and the other one had a hospital appointment.
    But as you say, it's good to have the I-Player link. When I did a similar interview years ago, I had to take along my own blank tape if I wanted a recording of it!