Sunday, 15 November 2009

A Rainy Living Library Day; but good news on a feature

Well, the 'Living Library' Day yesterday could not possibly have been on a worse day, from the weather point of view, could it! The rain was beating down and the wind was blowing a gale as I drove there - and the library was pretty much deserted all afternoon! I felt sorry for the organisers as it could have been such a nice event.

There were only three of us 'living books' for the afternoon session: the fourth, a dog breeder, had dropped out because his staff were off sick - presumably he needed to be there to breed the dogs! Pity, because it would have been interesting to talk to him. Apparently there were four 'living books' for the morning session too, including a nun and a funeral director! Hmm. Well, the other afternoon people were a man who worked for the Royal British Legion, who was responsible for distributing money from the Poppy Appeal in Essex, and a lady who makes willow sculptures, and also lectures at a local college, running courses in working with willow and other horticultural subjects. The three of us did manage to find plenty to chat about all afternoon, which was just as well! - as we only had two genuine 'readers' (who we shared between all three of us). And one of those hadn't actually come to the library to talk to us - we just saw him looking lost and called him over, and he was too polite to refuse!

Well, I hope they decide to try it again, (perhaps in the summer!) - as I'd certainly agree to take part again and see if we can get it some better publicity next time. I suppose I'm quite used to taking part in events where only a handful of people turn up so it didn't seriously disappoint me!

On a more positive note, I finally had confirmation on Friday from the 'Writers' Forum' editor that he's going to use my feature on writing under a pseudonym in the January issue (due out at the beginning of December). I'm looking forward to seeing that published as I spoke to lots of authors about their experiences, for it, and I'm hoping people will find it interesting. I'll let you all know when it's out.

The new novel is finished and I've started the submission process; and meanwhile I've got a few rejected short stories to 're-work' and send out again. And a talk to prepare for a Rotary Club booking next week. Hopefully there will be more than two people there!


  1. Well done on the feature - I'll look forward to reading that!

  2. Congrats on the feature but bad luck with the weather. Good luck with the submission process.

  3. I hope you get the chance to do it again in better weather. Saturday was dreadful wasn't it.
    Congratulations on the feature and getting the novel finished.

  4. Thanks Womag. Yes, I hope you'll find it interesting!

    Thanks Colette. Weather can have such a disastrous effect, can't it - even when an event is indoors, people don't want to venture out.

    And thank you, Teresa. I was massively cheered to hear the feature has been formally accepted: I was starting to wonder.

    And the novel ... I'm so nervous about that, I feel like it's bad luck even to discuss it.
    But if I have any luck, you'll all hear about it!

  5. Great news on the feature. Shame the weather put people off the Living Book event, but glad you enjoyed the time anyway :o)

  6. The Living Book event sounds absolutely fab; Ithink it should be rolled out nationwide. What a pity about the weather though.

  7. Thanks Kate. Yes, funny about the feature - like the previous one I sold to W.F., I'm very excited about it - probably because I usually only write fiction and this is quite different for me.

    I agree, Helen - I'd love to see the Living Book idea done in every library: such scope for getting different and interesting people for everyone to talk to!