Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Lovely Blog!

I'm very excited and proud to say I've been passed this 'Lovely Blog' award by Teresa Ashby - whose own blog 'A Likely Story' at http://www.teresaashby.blogspot.com is one of my favourites, and who is such a successful writer I can't think how she has time to write such a lively and interesting blog! I'm very honoured and surprised that Teresa has chosen mine. Thank you, Teresa!

It's now my turn to pass the award on to someone whose blog I admire. Oh dear. I feel like I used to when my children were little, and they asked me to choose the best one out of their works of art or stories, etc. How to choose, when you love them all? I'm sure this is why I'm now such an indecisive person - all those years of saying 'Well, yours is the nicest drawing, but she's used the best colours, and she's chosen the most unusual subject ...' etc!

I'd like to nominate so many of you - everyone whose blogs I follow - because obviously they're all my favourites. But I'm going to settle for Julie of Julie's Quest, at www.jlpwritersquest.blogspot.com , because I've been so impressed by the progress she's been making as a writer during the time I've been following her blog, by the sheer amount of work she puts in, and by her lovely attitude. Julie - I'm afraid I can't remember if you've already received one of these! - if you haven't, you should have done! And if you have, then my apologies for doubling up but it's obviously well deserved! The procedure seems to be that you now choose someone else to pass on the award to. Well done Julie and keep up the good work with your Lovely Blog!


  1. Excellent choice, Olivia - I agree with everything you say about Julie's Quest and it's one of my favourite blogs too.

  2. Wooh Hooh! I'm so excited. It was lovely to see that Teresa and Olivia had been awarded the lovely blog award, butI was surprised when I got awarded it by Olivia. Thank you very much for awarding it me, Olivia, and thank you both Olivia and Teresa for your lovely comments about my blog.

    I do try to be positive, despite the obstacles and I truly love to write. But I couldn't be so positive without the support of all my fellow bloggers, so thank you all.

    But who to pass it on to?

    Julie xx