Thursday, 2 July 2009

Today's the day!

Publication Day! It's always an exciting feeling, waking up and thinking: Yes! Today's the day my book will actually be 'out there' for all the hordes of excited readers to queue up and buy ... well, OK, that bit might only be in my wildest dreams, but hey, what's the point of being a writer if you can't dream up a few wild imaginings!

Actually ... nothing very much seems to happen on Publication Day. My launch party is happening on Monday night, because that's a quieter night at the pub where it's being held (otherwise there just wouldn't be enough space for all those hordes of excited readers queueing up for a signed copy, you see!). My talks at local libraries are on different dates, although fortunately they are close enough to Publication Date to make it possible to give the new book a little plug! And even my lunch date with my editor has been put back from today to tomorrow - although that's nice, in a way, as it's still something to look forward to.

Believe it or not, this time I haven't even got my order of books! Having given all but two of my precious six free copies to my closest family members (as I always like to do), I was anticipating the box of further copies I ordered to have arrived well before now. I usually have them in plenty of time for publication, so I phoned the distributors yesterday and was told they'd be sent out in about a week's time! I explained that I was the author and that today was the publication date - and they're going to see what they can do and get back to me later today. A tad annoying, as I ordered them a month ago, but what can you do? Quite amusing, really, as I know that people who have been ordering them from Amazon started getting their copies through last week!

Actually - something is happening today. A photographer from my local paper is coming to the house this afternoon to take a pic for a feature they're running about me. So when I come home from my swim later on, I'd better remember to comb my hair and put on a clean top!

And there's more good news. The competition I've been running for a signed copy of the book has attracted lots of entrants - it's your last chance today, if you haven't yet entered! Details on my post of 21 June.
Also, a local branch of Waterstone's have said they might be interested in having me do a book signing, probably in August - so fingers crossed.
And today, the new book is featured on the very first posting of the new RNA Blog - - together with other RNA members' books that are being published this month. Pop over and have a look!

So for now I'd better contain my excitement, get on with writing the next book, and try not to get distracted too often by checking my Amazon ranking! Have a nice day, everyone.


  1. Hi, Olivia! Ooooh it's all very exciting! I can't believe you haven't got the copies you ordered a month ago - typical!

    So, it's more like a launch week then - more time for more fun! I hope you enjoy it.

    Julie xx

  2. Congratulations, Olivia! What a gorgeous looking book and it sounds delicious too!

  3. Thank you both! Well, Julie - a nice helpful lady at the distributors has been 'on the case' for me and the books are supposedly being delivered tomorrow, so that's good. And yes - I think I can make the launch last a week - what a nice idea!

    Nicola - lovely to see you here and thank you, I must admit the cover is my favourite so far! It was a nice feel-good story to write, too, so I hope everyone does find it delicious!

  4. Congrats, Olivia, and enjoy your day!

  5. Many thanks, Kate. It's been great so far!
    And the books have just arrived too, so that's a bonus.