Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Thanks to Julie

Julie at Julie's Quest has awarded me this 'Beautiful Bloggers' award - how nice! Thank you Julie. It's probably the first time I've ever earned the word 'beautiful' - ha ha!

Now, I'm supposed to nominate ten other blogs to receive the award . It reminds me of when my children were little and they used to insist on me choosing which of them had painted the best picture/made the best Playdoh model/baked the best jam tarts ... etc etc ... and I always refused to choose. 'I like them all the same,' I used to say, and they'd get really upset and insist that I had to choose, so I had to compromise and say that one daughter had chosen the best colours, another had chosen the most unusual subject, and the other had applied the most paint (or managed to get the most actually on the paper!) ... they weren't impressed!

But mums can't be expected to choose between their children! And likewise, how can I choose between the blogs I enjoy reading? I'm not the most prolific blogger in the world: I sometimes don't look at my blog (or anyone else's) for days or weeks at a time (do I really deserve the award?!) - but when I do, I enjoy catching up with everyone's news, even if I don't always take the time to comment. I often pick up on comments from other bloggers, and have a read of something I find interesting on their blog, without becoming a Follower - but those I've chosen to follow must be those I'd nominate, mustn't they? So I'm nominating as many of those as possible. Here goes:

1. With ink from the pink pen

2. Bucolic Frolics

3. Kate Hardy

4. Sue Moorcroft writes

5. Strictly Writing

6. Romantic Novelists' Association Blog

7. Women's stories: read, write, enjoy!

8. Quiller's Place - The View From The Spire

9. Sarah Duncan's Blog

10. The Long And The Short of It

I purposely haven't checked my list against Julie's as I didn't want to be deterred from nominating the blogs I wanted to: but I'm aware that I've probably duplicated some of her selections and that just goes to show what good taste she has! Thanks again Julie!


  1. A well-deserved award, congratulations :o)

  2. Aw, thanks for nominating my blog!

  3. Thanks Karen. As you can see I'm such an infrequent blogging-person that I don't really think I do deserve it but it's very nice that anyone thinks I do! x

    And Womag, you are welcome - your blog is fantastic and in fact was the means to me becoming a blogger in the first place (back when I was the anonymous 'Write Woman' when I wasn't supposed to be revealing who Olivia Ryan was!). I was recommended to your blog by other writers of short stories, and found it so useful, I started wondering if blogging was something I could do... and I'm still wondering! (no, only joking!).