Tuesday, 8 September 2009

It's a Boy!

Right now, I don't care about whether my stories are going to be accepted or not. I don't even care, right this minute, whether I'm going to get my next book published. And before you faint in shock or ask whether I've finally flipped, take a look at this picture and you'll see why!

This is our beautiful new grandson, Noah George, who arrived safely (and finally! nearly 2 weeks late!) at half past eleven last night. He's my middle daughter's baby - and she was only 6 and a half pounds when she was born all those years ago ... so we were all pretty shocked that Noah weighed in at a hefty 9 pounds, 6 ounces!

Yesterday was the longest day I've had to endure since ... well, since my own three babies were born. In fact I think in some ways it was harder (well maybe not! But emotionally harder) than having a baby myself. Knowing what my own 'baby' was going through, but not being there to help her and wondering, all day, how her labour was progressing but not wanting to keep bothering them with calls or messages - it was, (as even my husband said), torture! And then after we got the good news do you think I could sleep?? The adrenalin was flowing so madly I felt like I wanted to sprint round the block - not that I've ever sprinted anywhere, and certainly not round our block at gone midnight, but you get the picture!

It was a home birth - but because the baby was so late, it was looking like my daughter would have to be admitted to hospital to be induced, so they were very happy that Noah finally decided to get his act together just in the nick of time. We've been round there today of course, and although they're both tired, daughter and son-in-law are so happy and relaxed, that I can see the benefits of the whole home birth thing. My babies were all born in hospital and everything was absolutely fine - I didn't even consider a home birth, but it seems to be encouraged again now.

Sorry this post isn't about writing and sorry I've neglected following everyone's blogs, but I haven't even turned on the computer for writing - only for e-mailing family & friends etc - since yesterday morning, and I wonder how long it will be before I feel like getting back to it! Especially as I'm off on Eldest Daughter's hen weekend on Friday, and then preparing for my
Rather Special Birthday party the following weekend, to be swiftly followed by the wedding 2 weeks after that! Do other families have everything happening all at once like this, or is it just us???

OK - one last photo - here's me with the baby, and I think I look a lot more tired and unkempt than my daughter!! It's very tiring being a new grandmother, I can tell you! I think I need a few drinks tonight to get over it!


  1. Congratulations Olivia and to the rest of your family too.
    I don't have daughters and when I try and imagine how I would feel when they were going through what your daughters just gone through I think that I am glad. I can believe that it was torture.
    But all worth it now.

  2. Congratulations to the whole family - and especially your daughter. It makes us all think of the day we gave birth doesn't it? Noah is absolutely beautiful and you don't look at all unkempt for a new grandma - in fact you look rather chic! XX

  3. Congratulations, Olivia! What wonderful news and isn't he just gorgeous.
    Love and best wishes to you all - and you look radiant too, not unkempt at all xx

  4. Oooh! Noah George is absolutely beautiful - you've made me go all broody again now! You must be very proud (even if exhausted!) Wht a lovely couple of photos.

    Enjoy him!

    Julie xx

  5. Thank you, everyone! I certainly will enjoy him. xxx

  6. So pleased for you all! Noah is GORGEOUS - as is your daughter - and yes, you! You look amazing. Fantastic photos. Of course the writing doesn't matter - nothing else matters at the moment - this is Real Life. Enjoy every second of it.
    C xxx

  7. Thank you, Chris. xx Can't wait to see him again tomorrow! It feels a bit like being in love ....

  8. Noah is beautiful Olivia. How lovely for you to have a grandson (although you don't look old enough!)

    Congratulations to all. This is what life is all about.

    warm wishes

  9. What lovely photos.

    Huge congratulations - he's gorgeous.

  10. Thank you Angel, and thank you Suzanne. Sorry for the delay - Blog has been neglected, not only by lots of time spent gazing at Noah (!) but also by Eldest Daughter's hen weekend ... another story - which I think I'd better blog about actually ....

    And yes I'm definitely old enough. I get my pension (and my bus pass - yippeeee!!) next week! x

  11. Congrats, Olivia (and sorry I'm so late with them!) - hope you're enjoying the babe hugely. (And you definitely do not look old enough for that milestone birthday... Belated HB and hope you had a fabulous party.)