Wednesday, 15 April 2009

First Blog Nerves

OK, so here goes. The blog was easy enough to set up (as everyone told me it would be), and compared with the terrible technical uncertainties of creating a website (well, all right - having one created for me by a clever friend!), it looks like being a piece of cake. So today is my baptism as a novice blogger. If I can write novels and get them published - still a source of wonder to me - surely I can write a few paragraphs on a blog that might interest somebody, somewhere?

That's the thing with blogs, I suppose. How do you know? Unless you attract 'followers' of your own - like a little mini fan-club I suppose - do you always wonder whether anyone is ever going to read it? Do you always feel, as I do at the moment, that you're shouting feebly into outer space, or (first sign of madness) talking to yourself?
Well - for anyone, anywhere, who might stumble upon this blog and wonder about my strange ramblings, I guess the polite thing to do on this first occasion is to introduce myself. So - hi! I'm Olivia, and I'm a novelist. And you can't imagine how much I love saying that!! After spending most of my life as a closet writer, I've now 'come out', given up my day job and devote my days to my writing and my family. Perhaps that should read - my family and my writing. And a few time-wasting pursuits like reading e-mail and other people's blogs!
I've had two novels published so far: 'Tales from a Hen Weekend' and 'Tales from a Wedding Day' - both published by Piatkus. And the third book - 'Tales from a Honeymoon Hotel' comes out in July. You can read more about the books (and more of my ramblings!) on my website - but basically, they're all separate stories (despite the titles) about relationships between families and friends. I've really enjoyed writing about the events surrounding a wedding, because of all the emotional stuff involved - not just happiness and fun but sometimes arguments, doubts and regrets that come into play.
Well - I think I've said enough for a first-timer so here goes - sending this out into cyberspace ...
anyone out there???


  1. Good luck with the blog, Olivia!

  2. Olivia, drawn to your blog because, first of all, you've got the same surname as me, second, you follow Strictly Writing so now I feel I really ought to return the favour and third, you say you're novels are really short stories joined up. As a short story writer I like the idea of that! Good luck blogging!

  3. Just popping over from Strictly to wish you much happy blogging!

  4. Thank you all! I'm so excited to have got 3 comments already - so I'm NOT talking to myself, that's fantastic! Yes, I have been following Strictly Writing and have been thinking for some time that I should get going on a blog of my own - so thanks for the inspiration, and thanks again for popping over to say hello!